Classic Cart and Checkout For WooCommerce

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This article belongs to our plugin : WooCommerce Easy Checkout Field Editor

WooCommerce recent update 8.3.0 makes gutenberg block based checkout page as default checkout page on new installation.

* Enhancement - Cart and Checkout Blocks are now the default checkout experience on WooCommerce [#40867](

source :-

This block do not yet recognize existing hooks related to checkout fields. If you already have checkout page with old shortcode woocommerce_checkout you won’t be affected. For new fresh installations create new checkout page with shortcode woocommerce_checkout and set it as a default checkout page under woocommerce/settings/advanced tab.

It will restore old woocommerce checkout page.

Alternatively you can download plugin and activate which will do the job for you.

Download Classic Cart and Checkout For WooCommerce Plugin Zip