Porto theme compatibility fix

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This article belongs to our plugin : WooCommerce Multiple Images per Variation

Porto theme has a custom structure. Its very difficult to make both compatible. so far we managed to find a workaround.

Under wp-content/themes/porto/woocommerce/single-product/

rename these two files


product-thumbnails.php to some other names like



Then use this custom js code.

jQuery( document ).ready( function( $ ) {
$(document).on("click",".attachment-shop_single",function() {
       var src = $(this).attr("src");
       $('li.woocommerce-product-gallery__image:first-child .attachment-shop_single').attr("src",src);

use this plugin to insert custom js code


This may affect existing functionality . you can anytime rename files back to original name and remove inserted js code.